Nancy Pelosi Bill virus aid package: address it with humanity, but why did the bill have so many unrelated things in it?

Nancy Pelosi Bill, she says government need to address new virus aid package with humanity

Nancy Pelosi’s Bill, a round-two virus bail out bill is probably not going to get approved because instead of a clean and clear list of emergency needs being addressed, it has been fluffed up and out of what it should really do. Way too fluffy, Mrs Pelosi! Nancy Pelosi talks on Face The Nation the nation (May 17 2020). The things she talks about though, …. is she experiencing any of that? Rent, jobs, food, eviction, health care needs? Nope, but sure, the communities she represents have these problems on their worry list. Is she really the right person to talk about these things? She has submitted the latest corona bail out bill (approved in house that holds democrats as the majority right now) to help the nation but the bill is not just a plain and simple virus aid package. It has too many unrelated issues. It’s more than 1800 pages.  Holy Mackerel! It has … Well you can read it for yourself (link below) and you can also watch her on air and hear comments (video clip from fox and face the nation) about Nancy’s focus on social issues that really aren’t going to get approved because it strays too far away from essential aid.

Download Nancy Pelosi 1815 page Virus aid (stimulus) package May 2020

From HOUSE.GOV Here or On backup page Here

What does Nancy Pelosi really know or feel about humanity? I’m just not seeing it in the short term or in the long run with her. Several years ago, I really tried to pay attention 👀 to what she was standing for. However…… I am not able to support her in any way. Some of the issues on the list…☑ yes, but she basically stonewalled it by adding too much non emergency (unrelated – oh while we’re at it! sneak this in!) stipulation. 😴😴😴 I don’t want to say I hate her, but -she makes me angry- I want her (and one other, maybe two) to step aside (get voted out or just admit they cannot handle the job). I am angry with their decisions and inflexible routines (just the constant hate, overall). :( 😤 😡`