New Zealand opposition party alleged to have hacked the Treasury to obtain budget details

The main opposition party in New Zealand which revealed several budget details prior to its official presentation said it got the info from legal sources and denied having resorted to hacking the Treasury for the same.

The government led by Prime Minister Ardern however said they aren’t accusing the National Party but is seeking a through probe into the entire hacking episode. Treasury Secretary Gabriel Makhlouf has said the systems present at the Treasury were attacked at least 2000 time over the past 48-hours, something that the police have already started to investigate.

The National Party however is continuing with its tirade against the ruling part saying the entire hacking episode has been cooked up to cover the government’s own shortcoming.

“They [the government] are not in control of what they are doing, so they are lashing out and they are having a witch-hunt,” said National Party leader Simon Bridges.

The government is set to present its budget on Thursday which it said will be done as per schedule. The government also said the budget will still have many aspects that hasn’t been revealed yet and is going to be beneficial to the common man.

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