Trump proposes merit-based immigration; Tech Cos. may face hiring problem

The merit-based immigration proposal by President Trump using executive orders may not happen anytime, but what if does. It will make more difficult for countries to hire high-skilled tech workers.

The orders of Trump are targeted to stop immigration. Trump’s proposal in a Rose Garden speech lately sounded like the program is good for tech.

He talked about replacing green cards for US citizens’ parents, siblings and adult children apart from permanent residents’ spouses and children.

With the merit-based point system the program would favor those who have extraordinary talent, who have exceptional academic track records and who are professional and specialized vocations.

The overall number of issuances meanwhile has not changed. It will remain at 1.1 million.

The president described current immigration system as based on random chance.

He added, “We want immigrants coming in; we cherish the open door… But a big proportion of those immigrants should come in through merit and skill.”

Currently the Trump administration is struggling with hike in asylum seekers along the US-Mexico border and many are calling it a humanitarian crisis.

Earlier this year Trump shifted funds using national emergency to build border wall.

Paul Linus