Narendra Modi continues to be averse to interact with the press

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi scored a zero in the first press conference he ever attended in India while being in office. Instead, in the press meet held at the BJP party office in New Delhi, Modi chose to spell out the achievements of his government during the last five years.

He refused to take any questions claiming that it was Amit Shah’s conference and all queries should be directed to him. Modi’s media policy has often been criticised owing to his reluctance talking to the media. The handful of media conference he had attended during the last five years has largely been on foreign lands where he has been on official tours. Those again mostly involved reading out the official statement rather than going for a serious dialogue.

That said, the PM did speak to the media in the run up to as well as during the current elections. The opposition though claim those to be largely orchestrated and involved journalists considered friendly to the PM.

It remains to be seen if things change once the election gets over. The 7-phase elections culminate on May 19 when the final ballot for what can be considered the world’s biggest democratic exercise comes to an end. Results are due to be declared on May 23.

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