Trump bans Huawei from setting up 5G network in the US

US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order Wednesday which effectively killed any chances, if at all they were in the first place, of Huawei setting up 5G network in the country. The move comes in the wake of intelligence agencies warning of the dangers posed by the Chinese firm as allowing Huawei to setup crucial telecom network can provide it with a scope to spy on the data being communicated.

The latest development also comes at a time when the country is engaged in a trade spat with China, with no end to it in sight either. Trump’s move is also bound to have an effect on its allies as nearly each of them are also facing the same dilemma, of whether to allow Huawei in setting up 5G networks in their respective countries.

Some like Australia and New Zealand have already made it known they are banning Huawei from their countries for setting up the next gen telecom infrastructure. Others like Germany or France are at the cross-roads and might opt for a limited role for Huawei at best, if not completely banning it altogether.

Things are somewhat more tricky for the UK given the manner the government’s decision to allow Huawei a limited scope got leaked to the media, something that cost Gavin Williamson his post as the defense secretary. Prime Minister Theresa May is set to retire soon as the country prepares to formally exit the EU. A decision on this is not expected until that even though several of her opponents favor a complete ban on Huawei in the country.

Other countries where Huawei is facing increased scrutiny include Norway, Belgium, Poland, Japan, Canada and the Czech Republic.

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