Amit Shah’s road show marred by violence leading to a war of words between BJP and TMC

Violence broke out in Kolkata Tuesday during an election rally organised by the BJP that led to several injuries while a few bikes have been put on fire. The incident happened when the BJP President Amit Shah was holding a ‘road show’ while several members of the ruling TMC showed black flags.

Things quickly got flared up leading to members of both parties engaging in a verbal duel followed by outbreak of fisticuffs. There are also reports of stones, water bottles or even shoes being hurled at Amit Shah. A statute of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, a prominent Bengali philanthropist and social reformer during the 19th century too got damaged in the melee, leading to widespread condemnation from all sections of society.

The BJP meanwhile has reported the matter to the Election Commission and is seeking a ban on CM Mamata Banerjee’s speeches for the next few days. The CM, on the other hand, is pinning the entire blame on the BJP, accusing the party of inciting violence and anarchy. She also vowed to bring the perpetrators of the violence to book even though the BJP said its her own party members who are at fault.

The national election has entered its last phase with the final phase of voting set to happen on May 19, followed by the counting of votes on May 23.

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