US deploys more military assets in the Middle East in response to possible Iran actions

War clouds seems to be gathering over the Middle East with tensions between the US and Iran hotting up by the day. In the latest development, the US has deployed USS Arlington while a Patriot air defense missile system too has been brought in for effective air cover.

Further, B-52 bombers too have started to arrive at an airbase in Qatar. The US said they don’t want war with Iran but warned any misadventure on part of it will be met with overwhelming and unrelenting force.

The US also justified deploying more naval assets in the region to be in response to likely threats emanating from Iran. The United States however refused to specify what exactly the nature of such threats are, something that Iran claimed to be pure nonsense.

Iran also said the US is creating the war hystria just to intimiate the country. Earlier, the Trump administration camped more sanctions on Tehran, making things all the more difficult for the country, something that has already taken a heavy toll on its economy. Its curreny have already seen a sharp nosedive in its value while foreign investments have all dried up.

Iran had also recently stated they are walking away from the 2015 nuclear deal partially and threathened a complete withdrawal if sanctions on its aren’t eased within 60 days. Europe said they would remain committed to the deal but dismissed Tehran’s ultimatums on the deal.

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