Taiwan bolstering defense, seeking arms deal from US

Taiwan is seeking to bolster its defenses amid growing pressure from china to accept a one country, two systems model. President Tsai Ing-wen revealed Wednesday to have requested United States for the sales of new arms and Trump administration has responded positively.

Tsai was speaking during a stopover in Hawaii. He is currently on a Pacific tour. Addressing to Washington’s Heritage Foundation think-tank via videolink he disclosed to have requested US for M-1 Abrams tanks and F-16V fighter jets.

She added the country would enhance land as well as air capabilities with the help of US commitment to Taiwan’s defense.

There is no formal tie between the two nations, but US is bound by law to help Taiwan by providing means to defend. US is currently main source of arms for Taiwan.

Over the weekend US sent Navy and Coast Guard ships through the narrow strait to show support for Taiwan.

Tsai said, “Fortunately… Taiwan does not stand alone… The United States’ commitment to Taiwan is stronger than ever.”

Tsai added US arms sales has become less politicized and the two nations had frank discussions on equipment and Taiwan’s defense.

Meanwhile, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said any arms sales to Taiwan is opposed by Beijing.

Wu added, “Any words or actions that damage the one China principle is tantamount to shaking the foundations of Sino-US ties, is inconsistent with the fundamental interests of China and the United States, and is extremely dangerous.”

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