Warren Buffet Event and a pathological liar? Why is a billionaire talking about catastrophes?

opinion and questions:

Kris Green is concerned and warns the community about a Billionaire’s words and an alleged pathological liar. Why is Warren Buffet, a man with a big wad, talking and worrying about catastrophic events?

How old is Buffet, a hundred? With all his resources, why would he be worried? Why is he  talking about events in such a manner? Are these supposed to be famous last words that’ll  come true in the future, like “1984“. This “EVENT” is so vague, I don’t even know how we could take precautions to protect ourselves from injury.

Water surplus can only last so long, eventually somebody stronger will take it from you or you will just run out of it, but I have taken time to prepare in case of a long lasting power outage. Water and food will be like currency some day when paper money is only good for burning or using as insulation.

Warren Buffet Event

These videos make me tilt on my axis. I’ll be laughing at the silliness at times, then I become depressed and full of fear during other parts.

I would like to hear more about the pathological liar on Capital Hill mentioned in the video. That might be an interesting documentary. Dig up all those dirty secrets!

Warren Buffet Event

Should the world be worried about an event Warren Buffet is predicting? Is financial greed going to save the world during these crisis?