Should India worry with US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

India may find itself in a difficult spot after US troops exit Afghanistan. This is a greater concern as it is not yet known whether Trump has made an understanding with the Taliban or else the move is an anticipatory concession.

India will surely try to find out couple of reliable allies, but election-distracted BJP government is currently poorly equipped to devise a coherent strategy, and at such a time when the Islamic world has gone more complex.

It is expected India could work with Japan, Russia and some other countries in an effort to ensure Afghan forces do not fall apart following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani asserted through his spokesman Harron Chakansuri that the exit of American forces will have little impact as his military has managed well since 2014 when Nato took off 100,000 troops.

Well, it is yet to be seen how much in reality the Afghan forces can protect the country as latest reports indicate the penetration of Taliban will now be deeper and they have realized capturing resources would work better than attacking symbols of state.

The Taliban currently as assuming control over tax collection gradually, providing stricter and fairer justice, and reopening of schools.

Paul Linus