U.S. Gets Warning From North Korea On Denuclearization

The pressure of sanctions has been increasing by the U.S. due to which the North Korea is not happy. North Korea has issued a warning against Trump administration that they will stop the actions against denuclearization if they continue the pressure. A statement was issued by the Foreign Ministry of North Korean after the sanctions related to Kim Jong-un said that the U.S. has not been able to judge the things about Pyongyang and to stop the nuclear program.

Even though the statement was aired by news agency in North Korea, the U.S. did not respond to it. The statement also read that too much pressure on Korea will not work. There has been lot of disturbance in Pyongyang’s related to Donald Trumps decision about denuclearization. North Korea is trying to improve the relations between both the countries, but with pressure tactics it looks that the tensions will rise again before Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump meeting which is expected next year.