Stop diplomatic pressure to pave denuclearization: North Korea

Denuclearization efforts could be stopped permanently if United States continues with its diplomatic pressure, said North Korean Foreign Ministry on Sunday.

In a released statement the country added denuclearization of Korean Peninsula and increased sanctions cannot go together and State Department should stop sanctions over human rights record.

US President Donald Trump met North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-un earlier this year in Singapore and both agreed on complete denuclearization.

Since the Singapore summit Washington has continued exerting diplomatic and economic pressure, drawing North Korea’s ire.

Last week the Treasury Department blacklisted three aides of Kim over censorship and human rights abuses. It is learned Trump had failed to address such human rights issues in the Singapore summit meet.

It is learned up to 100,000 North Korean are held as political prisoners by their own government. Hundreds and thousands of them have died in past several decades due to brutality. More to this, systematic rape and summary executions are relatively common occurrences there.

North Korean expert Van Jackson said the US president has made the crisis here worse as he personalized the nuclear confrontation and made the situation hostage to his personal chemistry with Kim.

However, it is to understand Trump is not a representative about how majority of Americans feel about North Korea.

Paul Linus