Why do people relocate to a new country and refuse to follow the laws of the land?

I was watching some videos of sheets islam nogozones. A videographer was filming and hyping up what he called a no go zone, a city in the USA where islamic rules, rule. Locations where refugees move to and they don’t allow American citizens, civil servants, or USA laws to impact their own beliefs. People come to the USA and are required to live on Apple pie, Chevrolet, and Hotdogs, but in the case of islamic religion, they do things their own way and live by religious laws. The producer is calling the neighborhood Islamberg.  — berg… there is some oxymoron to that name.

Here’s a video of sheets or sunee having a festival, and for some unexplained reason, a group of Christians decide to go to the Sunnis event and protest it. The protesting Christians bear signage with the word HELL and Bible Psalms 9:17 inscribed. Why are Christians doing this? Why don’t they go celebrate God and Jesus instead of using negative energy to wreak havoc on a group of sheet muslims?

That neighborhood looks clean and pretty. I reckon it is not one of those private “compound” neighborhoods. I do not like hearing about nogozones, though. So I am a little in my feelings when it comes to religion and law. Our justice system should be strong and not be overturned to favor ridiculous religion of honor murders, cutting off limbs, and having a harem of wives that have had their junk chopped and sewn. Maybe I’m a little old fashioned, but not to the point of being a dissimulative barbarian.

It is a hyped up tour through sheets nogozone

Sorry for this cussing in this video.