Federal prosecutors investigating donations received by Trump’s inaugural committee

President Trump’s 2017 inaugural committee is alleged of financial abuses of donations of more than $100 million which were raised for the inaugural ceremony.

The investigation is in early stage and federal prosecutors are trying to find out whether the inauguration money was misspent.

It is being looked whether such individuals too donated who wanted to gain influence the new administration or else have access to it.

In most of the countries monetary donations made in exchange of political favors are illegal and so in United States. More to this, the inaugural committee was a nonprofit organization.

It is also being looked whether individuals from foreign countries too made the donations to buy influence over American policy. Federal law does not allow accepting donations from foreign entity.

Meanwhile, a statement released by the inaugural committee said celebration was in full compliance with applicable laws.

The committee added they are not aware of any such investigation and they have not been contacted too in relation to the matter.

Real estate developer Tom Barrack, who ran the inaugural committee, too denied prosecutors have contacted related to misuse of donation fund.

The inaugural committee raised $107 million and mostly from wealthy donors like AT&T Inc. and Sheldon Adelson.

Paul Linus