Following Cohen’s sentencing Trump seems isolated

President Trump is isolated. Attorney Michael Cohen, his former confident, has flipped. Similarly, his other once-stalwart supporters did the same. They are now witnesses for a Justice Department. American Media Inc. has also come forward to cooperate prosecutors. This may be the most difficult stretch of his presidency.

Next month, the newly elected Democratic majority in the House may issue subpoenas and if believed to Nancy Pelosi, probably to become the next speaker, a House committee would take first steps towards long-hidden tax returns of Trump.

Following the three-year prison sentence of Cohen the president accused him of pleading guilty to embarrass Trump and get reduced jail term.

Cohen was found guilty in paying porn star Stormy Daniels directly, but the fund was reimbursed by Trump Organization.

According to prosecutors, Trump had directed for the payment to Cohen and this was something illegal as it intended to influence election.

Earlier, Trump denied of any such payment made by his organization. Now he argues not to have asked Cohen to break the law.

Talking to Fox News the president said he had never directed Cohen to do anything wrong.

The isolation does not end here. There are more signs of trouble for the president.

Paul Linus