Canada warns Trump not to politicize Huawei CFO extradition

Canada warns president Trump not to politicize extradition process of the country related to the arrest of Huawei chief financial official Meng Wanzhou, who was taken to custody on December in Vancouver.

Meng was released Tuesday, December 11, and is scheduled to appear before a judge next year on February 6.

Talking to Reuters the president said he may intervene in Meng’s legal case if his move would help United States in securing the largest trade deal ever made with China.

Canadian Foreign Minister said Trump should not hijack legal process for political purposes.

Meanwhile, Beijing protested the arrest of Meng warning Canada for her release or else face severe consequences.

China demanded clarification from Canada why Meng was arrested and last Monday the government detained former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig. It is too early to say whether both the cases are related and reciprocal.

According to Canadian officials China has not linked the detention of former diplomat to Meng’s arrest, but if believed to experts both the cases could be linked.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said the two nations are maintaining communications on consular affairs and there is no information about Kovrig’s situation.

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