Rex Tillerson alleges Trump does not care about law

Rex Tillerson has broken the silence. He has talked against Trump in a big way Thursday night following long silence after he was fired by the president as secretary of state.

Rex said either Trump does not know the law or he does not want to care about it.

He added that the president would tell him how he wanted things done, but as secretary of state he would tell him the way he wanted things done cannot be done as those were illegal.

Rex alleged that Trump is an undisciplined man who does not read and does not like to get into details.

The approach of Trump is like his experience in private sector business where he did what he wanted instead of following the rules and norms without understanding the distinctions between company head and President of United States.

The president is total ignorance of the law and doesn’t understand that there are limits to his power.

Meanwhile, Trump has responded to the allegations of Rex on Twitter saying his current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is doing good job and his predecessor didn’t has the required mental capacity.

Trump added that Rex was dumb like a rock.

Paul Linus