Houthi rejects Yemen proposal to re-open Sanaa airport

It’s the second day of peace talks between Yemen government and Houthi rebels in the Swedish town of Rimbo and brokered by United Nations.Things have not turned positive so far and one important deal between the two parties has not reached.

The Houthi rebel group has rejected the proposal of reopening Sanaa international airport, which is under their control since 2004 and has been reported used to bomb the alliance. The terminal building as well as the runway is suffering severe damage.

The reason behind rejection was offer not accordance to international standards. The condition mentioned by Yemen government was that planes would be inspected in Aden or Seiyoun airport, and both the airports are under control of Saudi-UAE coalition.

According to Yemen government delegation Marwan Dammaj the proposal to re-open the Sanaa international airport was for domestic flight and bring to end the suffering of people regarding transportation.

He said, “We came here to find a solution in opening the airport in Sanaa… We are not here to reward the Houthis.”

Head of Houthi delegation at the talks, Mohammad Abdul Salam, said they don’t want the planes to be inspected.

The other important issues to be discussed in the peace talks include large-scale prisoner swaps and negotiations on ceasefire.

Paul Linus