Deval Patrick Will Not Contest Presidential Election

Deval Patrick is a well known politician in America who has been in talks with his associates for contesting the presidential election in 2020. According to reports, Patrick has made a decision that he will not take part in the election. He has been interacting with people all over the country during midterm elections to get support for the Democratic candidates. Patrick has also been Governor of Massachusetts and U.S. Assistant Attorney General during President Bill Clinton ruling in America.

Deval Patrick said in an interview that it is not easy to get attention from the public in such a big country. David Axelrod, a political consultant said Patrick had spoken about taking part in the 2020 presidential election. Patrick has been Bain Capital’s managing director since 2015 after coming out of governor’s office. His work at the Bain Capital and other business dealings is expected to give a negative impact on Deval Patrick in the election.