Trump to meet Kim again next year: Bolton

Another meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Donlad Trump is on card even though commitments following the earlier meeting were not fulfilled.

According to national security adviser John R. Bolton one more meeting between the two leaders is believed to turn productive.

Kim and Trump had their first face-to-face metting in June this year at Singapore summit and it was wrapped up on the note that North Korea would work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

It has been about six months now and North Korea has still continued production of nuclear fuel and weapons as well.

However, Trump earlier had noted North Korea had not tested nuclear or missile in past one year and it is believed Kim would make good on his promises made at the Singapore summit.

Addressing in an onstage interview at a conference of business executives in Washington the national security adviser added Trump would be discussing on denuclearization and other commitments made with Kim.

Bolton said the meeting could be scheduled in January or February.

It is learned since September 2017 North Korea has not conducted a nuclear test, but the country has continued producing fissile material.

Paul Linus