41st President George H. W. Bush dies at Houston Home. He was 94

Former president George H. W. Bush, who had a public life of more than fifty years, died Friday night, shortly after 10 pm, at his Houston home. He was 94.

His son, former president George W Bush, said the nation’s 41st president was a man of highest character whose popularity rose with the success of Gulf War in 1991, though short-lived as recession thereafter faded his fame and he was defeated by Bill Clinton in his attempt to second term.

Bush was Ronald Reagan’s vice president for two terms, CIA director, chairman of the Republican National Committee at the height of the Watergate scandal, ambassador to the United Nations, envoy to China, Texas congressman and World War II hero too. He served as president from 1989 to 1993 and eight years later saw his son become the 43rd president.

The senior Bush is survived by five children and their spouses, seventeen grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren and two siblings. His wife, Barbara Bush, who was most beloved women for him in the world, died eight months ago. They were married for 73 years.

A statement released from President Donald Trump praised the hero for his sound judgment, unflappable leadership and common sense.

Paul Linus