Lawsuit filed against Arizona governor alleging voters deprived after McCain’s death

People of Arizona want to vote and elect one of the fittest leaders for the Senate seat that was left vacant after the death of John McCain and Governor Doug Ducey appointed Jon Kyl. A lawsuit has lately been filed in U.S. District Court in Phoenix demanding for the same.

The lawsuit argues Ducey violated 17th Amendment of the Constitution as he failed to call an election in Arizona following the death of McCain on August 25 due to brain cancer.

According to elections director Eric Spencer the governor issued a writ of election scheduling it for 2020.

The lawsuit further argues an appointee cannot serve Arizona state for a long period in lieu of candidate elected by voters and the governor cannot deprive citizens of their voting rights.

Arizona State University constitutional law professor Paul Bender defines the lawsuit as long-shot bid. He cites the Constitution’s 17th Amendment that empowers the governor to name replacements until the seat is filled by election.

Kyl has served 18 years in the Senate and retired in 2013. He agreed to serve through 2018-end, but Ducey expressed Kyl would consider serving until 2020.

However, experts argue the governor executed the laws as required.

Paul Linus