BSP And SP To Form Grand Alliance

BJP is expected to face a tough competition from one of their oppositions which is emerging as the Third Front. The grand alliance will be happening from the Uttar Pradesh which will not feature the major congress party. Both Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party are expecting to join a non-Congress party that would act as an anti BJP alliance.

According to sources, there have been talks between both these parties and they have known to form a alliance that would give a tough fight to BJP. But now both these parties are waiting for the 5 state assembly election results. The Congress party had talks with both the parties about forming an alliance which failed that made Akhilesh to criticize. The grand alliance is also expected to have few seats on reserve to include other small parties. The seat shared by both these parties will be the key factor on their performance in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.