Theresa May, UK’s Prime Minister Started w High Approval but Brexit has killed all that

Theresa May is head of Conservative Party and the Prime Minister of United Kingdom. She was first selected as MP in 1997 and was also Home Secretary. May had a victory in the leadership election during 2016 which made her second Prime Minister after David Cameron’s resignation. At present she has been organizing Brexit negotiations along with European Union, but remaining to Chequers Agreement that happened during this year.

Theresa May also had a good approval rating as the Prime Minister during the first week of position. According to a survey, May had received 55 percent of approval from the people to become the Prime Minister and the opponent Jeremy Corbyn had just 23 percent. In 2017, she was also criticized for her speech which revealed the details about Brexit proposal. Michel Barnier, EU’s Brexit negotiator also praised the proposal from May as very much positive, but it must be explained in the right way to make further progress.