Ukraine Grocery Stores are Stocked | Scheduled Power Outages are Announced

ukraine grocery stock
Ukraine Grocery Store

I can’t believe they have stocked grocery stores. That is amazing! And they must have the same kind of set up as California when it comes to turning on and off the power. They make the announcements out west all the time because they are trying to keep the forest from exploding. So crazy. Please do not call this the new normal for these elderly ladies. They have lived through so many things already, they have probably seen a lot of changes come and go. My heart goes out to the people who are suffering because of some kind of greed and paranoia in a small group of people’s heads. But you can’t even blame the crazy people, because if they DO let their guard down for a minute… USA will take advantage of that. So why sit there and be a target… may as well be a little aggressive near the lines.