Lori Lightfoot – Chicago Illinois Mayor: Judges should consider safety before release

Long rap sheet should be considered in pretrial release
Get out of jail but consider the community safety risk

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Chicago Illinois Mayor: Long rap sheets! Judges need to recognize community fear and safety.

This week Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor in Chicago Illinois, said that she is once again pushing for judges to consider safety in the community when making decisions on letting defendants qualify for house arrest, release from jail, or bond amount.

The mayor also pointed out that this is not a new topic for her. She said she has been pushing for the judges to adhear to the in place rules of taking community safety into consideration before releasing defendants from jail cells to go into a monitoring program.

What she says makes complete sense – community safety should be a consideration in letting a defendant out on house arrest. But, how on earth are the ankle bracelet defendants committing more crimes if they are wearing ankle monitors? That sounds messed up! How and what can be done about that part? So sad for people who feel they are forced to break laws, murdering, thieving, hating. … it’s just a sad thing for all. :(

Bean hi mayor last week you expressed
reservations about pre-trial release
when asked about the safety act to
clarify what specifically are you
calling for to change should Democrats
amend or repeal it should voters not
retain certain judges
I’m not sure I understand your question
because um I’ve been talking about the
dangers that we’re seeing in the Cook
County Court System regarding pre-trial
release for a year and a half it’s not
new there are too many violent dangerous
people out on the street period and too
many of them are getting released when
they’ve got long rap sheets when they
are charged with very significant crimes
of violence and what I’m what I’m
frustrated by and I’ve expressed this is
that too many judges seem to ignore the
requirement that already exists in state
law way before the safety act that
Community safety must be a consideration
in their pre-trial release
determinations we’re not seeing that and
that’s a problem when we’re still seeing
in excess of 2 000 people charged with
murder attempted murder kidnapping
carjacking crimes of violence using guns
and have significant criminal history
getting out on the street three to our
electronic monitoring when the county
has barely done anything more to to make
sure that there’s actual Community Based
monitoring that is a danger to us that
is them shirking their responsibility to
provide safety to our residents our
neighborhoods in the city and in Cook
County I’ve been very very clear about
my opposition to what I see happening
with too many Cook County judges who
ignore the importance of community
safety and making their pre-trial
release decision so it’s nothing new not
the first time I said it last week I’ve
been saying it consistently for 18
months that the Cook County judges have
to step up and recognize the victims and
the witnesses that are out there who
live in fear of the people that they are
letting back out onto the street with a
mere ankle bracelet who are not being
monitored in a way way that they need to
and are continuing to commit crimes in
our city
and to follow up how does that relate to
your position on the safety act should
it exist as it is now or should
Democrats look into America given the
dynamic you just described well I think
that members of the general assembly
Senators Sims and representative
Slaughter have been saying for some time
that they are going to be making some
changes to the safety act we’re in
conversations with them about what we
think needs to be done and I expect
something to to get done if not in a
veto session in the lame duck session
but I’m hoping something gets done
relatively soon because there are
challenges there
overall I think the work of the Illinois
Black Caucus and the variety of pillars
from education and so forth was Noble
work but there clearly are challenge
changes that need to be made in the
safety act and you’ve heard from the
governor and I think a number of
legislators that they are hard at work
on that and we’re going to join them in
that work a d trip hi mayor

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