Shein clothing workers make $20 per day, Imran Amrain Documentary

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womens clothing factory probed in china

Quote from Shein article

[workers] receive 0.27 yuan, or just under 4 cents, for each garment they make

How many of those garments can you work on in a minute? I mean, I used to get paid 8 pennies for slicing 100 pieces of meat. twelve hour shifts … 30 minute lunch and 2 ten minute breaks. That job now pays a whopping 12 pennies. My spine screamed in agony every day :( Standing on feet all day, and must move at all times while on the clock). The real question is “Are you able to survive on that kind of pay?” How many days can you afford to take off?

The pay rate is not the main reason for doing this garment job. There has to be another reason that people will do this work. It has free soap and a bathing quarters? Quote from Shein article

Some workers even wash their hair on their lunch breaks because they have so little time left after work, according to the report.

Working on garments might be an entry level job at that pay rate. Once the textiles become more complicated and durable, the pay should go up a bit. When the job requires you to sew hand grenade pouch pockets onto a gear belt.. definitely ask for a raise.

There’s a  documentary film presented by Imran Amrain that recently aired on Channel 4 UK with SHEIN featured as the bad guy. It’s hard to miss the pile of articles about their shenanigans in the press right now. Otherwise, there is nothing to be shocked about. This is COMMON behavior for centuries now. People with money taking advantage of the very needy.

Use your brain, bargain hunt and enable yourself to support the good guys if you can figure out who they are.