Alaska election: Tie between Bart LeBon, Kathryn Dodge; Recount on Friday

Alaska’s General Election has been certified, but there’s a tie in Fairbanks between Bart LeBon and Kathryn Dodge in the race for State House District 1.

Meanwhile, one ballot is being investigated. It is marked for Dodge and doubtful whether to be counted on Friday (November 30), during automatic recount, scheduled to start from 10 a.m. in. the director’s office in Juneau.

If it is a win for LeBon, the GOP will have majority by 21-19 in the House. The house will be split 20-20 if Dodge gets victory and the parties will be in a stalemate position.

Stewart Sliter with the State Review Board said it is presumed the ballot under investigation would be a regular ballot and could be counted on Friday, hopefully to favor Dodge.

The ballot was left in a secrecy sleeve on the day of election at Fairbanks Precinct No. 6 in the Shoppers Forum Mall.

State elections director Josie Bahnke said under such circumstances it is their duty to collect as much information as possible.

He added all the additional absentee ballots which were received after the 15-day deadline will also be recounted.

Either of the candidates will replace Democratic Rep. Scott Kawasaki after gaining victory.

Paul Linus