Today Steve Bannon is saying FBI Wray is going to get locked up. What??

Newsweek wrote about the FBI Wray statement Steve Bannon made on social media.

A report on Steve Bannon saying FBI Wray is going to prison!
A report on Steve Bannon saying FBI Wray is going to prison!

I thought Bannon was recently arrested. Also…. That is a very hefty accusation! People these days talk about locking up other people on this and that charge, but it never happens. It’s like you can’t believe anybody with a mic any more. It seems to me that if that FBI guy was going to prison, they’d be making him resign right now! But nah, let’s just sling words around to see where they splatter. So sick of all the accusations, too many boys crying wolf. Constant fighting and never reporting on what’s going on with our policies and laws in reality.

Bannon,made a Gettr post: “The FBI is out of control—a danger to a free citizenry—Chris Wray is just one of many criminals in leadership that will be prosecuted and imprisoned,”

Seriously?? The big question here is: Who has a book coming out next week? j/k. I guess we’re a little fed up with people slinging mud every dang day. Just stop and sort things out in a calm voice.