Cindy Hyde-Smith Ends Her Mississippi Rally

Cindy Hyde-Smith is at a rally in Mississippi before the 2018 U.S Senate elections and she will be ending it in a positive note amid controversies. The elections that are scheduled for Tuesday will have a tough competition between Mike Espy and Cindy Hyde-Smith. The voters will get a chance to select the winner and one among them will become the first Mississippi’s’ black senator. Donald Trump also took part in 2 rallies to support Cindy Hyde-Smith before the election.

The result of this election will have some impact at US Senate as the seats include 52 for Republicans and 47 seats for Democrats next year. If the Republican Party wins this election can increase a seat in U.S Senate, but the Democrats have the majority already which would not have any negative impact even if they lose. There are few controversial statements made by Cindy Hyde-Smith during this campaigning which is expected to impact the voter’s turnout to support her.