It’s #messypolitics. Do you have to ask: Does Dolly Parton Support Black Lives Matter? She said it clearly that blacks matter and just because a person is white does not mean they matter more than black people. She brought up “white-asses” not being any better than other skintones. IF blacks dont matter, nobody does, right?!

MESSY POLITICS when you drag Dolly Parton into a speech to confirm Black People matter or nobody matters – Okay, white and yellow and red and brown?

If Black doesnt matter then we are stuck in the dark ages here. This is the USA, lets get above this and prosper for all creeds in our melting pot.

of course blacks matter. Whites are not the only ones who matter. That is just outlandish. Who even continues to go with this narrative. They are just idiotic. Stop causing our country to suck.
Whites matter of course, but they dang sure aint the only ones who matter. If blacks dont matter then what about the other citizens? This is so childish, we’ve all got to grow up and get rid of this race hate. Common sense and tender loving care is what every family needs. We do not need to march up and down the streets and make messes out of everything. There are so many needy people out there that need help and a lot of people seems to have a wild hair in their eye and can’t deal with the wrongs in ALL of us.

Of course black people matter , if they dont matter then nobody matters!

Of course black people matter , if they dont matter then nobody matters! Does this mean we are on board to tear up communities and murder the Man in order to get a point across? NOOOO! nope nope nope. You aint gotta be a part of a group to be a good caring person. If you believe in this sort of thing, I would highly suggest you take your thinking to prayer and ask yourself in a calm quiet place what you can do to bring about change WITHOUT hurting others and stooping to that behavior. Find prayer and alternatives. <3 Not into prayer? Sign up to talk to somebody and get some advice on making positive changes for your own life and for the circumstances in other peoples’ lives. Dolly Parton said Of course blacks matter, not just whites. errr duh.