First Women Republican Mia Love

Mia Love is one of the first women to be selected by the Republican to congress in U.S. She has been actively present at U.S. Representative from 2015 as fourth congressional district in Utah. Love competed against Ben McAdams during this year for the election of United States House of Representatives which lost with a very small vote margin. A statement was issued by Mia Love in 2016 that she will not give her vote to Donald Trump during the presidential election.

Mia Love also pushed Donald Trump to pull out the presidential race as she said it will be good for both his party and country as well. There were also other proposal that was not supported by her like steel and the aluminum tariffs which received wide opposition. Mia Love is also a member for Climate Solutions Caucus and Congressional Western Caucus. She is known to have the same vote when compared to the position of Donald Trump.