Patrick calls government SO CALLED leaders, yet approves governor of Michigan stay home orders

I guess the governor of Michigan is not a so called leader. ??

I’m sorry, Patrick (of Lincoln, Nebraska) but when you said “so called leaders work on a solution…” um… Well, if you discount the validity of the leadership, why would their solution even be valid? What is the point of sticking up for the governor of Michigan and the orders? Maybe “she” and her “so called” directions are also flawed. I’m just saying, why defend her and let her call the shots without questioning her investment in our protection? What would even be the point in allowing her to protect us until the so called leaders finish their work? Yeah, I kinda had to check-out when you called them “so called leaders” … it makes the rest of the statement a bit contradictory :(.

According to Patrick, Michigan needs to obey the governor and “other leaders”, at the same time he calls out other “other” leaders working on solutions as “So Called Leaders”.  This is frustrating and rather contradictory, not sure why huckabee even put this in the list of questions. Either huckabee didn’t see the ridiculousness, or either he did!