Kentucky Legal Medical Marijuana for 2021, Ohio news tells us more.

Kentucky Legal Medical Marijuana

Kentucky Legalizing Medical Marijuana soon?

Kentucky Legal Medical Marijuana is not far away. With alcohol still having legal restrictions in part of the state, legalizing marijuana seems like a big leap. Some counties are dry to this day – meaning no alcohol sales in the county. Some counties are dry on Sunday’s only.  As Kentucky’s youth are turning into voters, big changes are being made. Gatewood Galbraith worked on getting marijuana legal for decades in Kentucky, to no avail, but now his work will finally pay off. He lost his fourth bid for Kentucky Governor back in 2012 and died soon after. But there are thousands of people who are still pushing the cause.

Kentucky Medical Marijuana House Bill 136

Video transcript: Jan 31st 2020
medical marijuana is legal here in Ohio
and 32 other states Kentucky could be
the next to allow it for certain medical
conditions local twelves Christian
Howser has the push to get it through
the state legislature advocates across
the river in Kentucky are hopeful that
the state could finally pass a medical
marijuana bill it comes after one of the
biggest opponents in the legislature
says that there could be a narrow path
to making the medicine available for
certain conditions
Kentucky State Representative Buddy
Wheatley who represents the northeast
corner of Kenton County is one of the
sponsors of House bill 136 that would
legalize marijuana to be prescribed in
certain cases the evidence seems to
become an end fairly strong that there
are certain conditions and that’s
important to certain conditions that
medical marijuana for years medical
marijuana’s had a big hurdle in the
state legislature Senate President
Robert Stivers a Republican from
southern Kentucky has been against it
but he’s gone on the record and said
there is a narrow path forward for
medical marijuana
Jaime Montalvo has been working for
several years to make medical marijuana
available to Kentuckians he’s quick to
point out this is a very narrow bill
this year there’s more hope than ever to
get a bill passed nearly a third of the
Senators have sponsored SB 107 and 44 of
the state’s 100 representatives has
sponsored the companion bill HB 136
there is strong support and there is
strong support I believe in the house
especially where I’m most familiar in
the Senate our local senators in
Northern Kentucky and the the general
all the rest of centers in the General
Assembly overall in Covington Christian
Howser local 12 News it gets approval
Kentucky’s medical marijuana program
would start January 1st of next year