Laura Ingraham Comments On Dem Debate October 2019 – Includes Giggles

Did you get through the Dem Debate October 2019?

I made it almost thirty minutes and then I went on YouTube to visit several channels, including Jimmy Dore, Fox with Laura Ingraham, Styxhexenhammer, and several more. It’s easier to watch the debate when you have a wide range of commenters watching along.

Jimmy Dore pointed out how CNN did a panel and one of the voices called Tulsi Gabbard a Russian Asset, and Tulsi came back to call them despicable right on their own station!

Laura Ingraham giggles along while she comments and tells the audience that if Elizabeth Warren can’t handle the Mayor of South Bend, then what are her presidential chances….  It’ s the video that made me giggle a little bit, so I’m putting it here.

Laura Ingraham commenting on Dem Debate October 2019

She also comments that Elizabeth Warren and the other eleven on stage cannot hold a candle to Obama.