Study finds Xinjiang schools separating Uighurs children from families

A new study finds China has been indulged in separating deliberating the Muslim children from their families, language and faith.

Study finds Xinjiang schools separating Uighurs children from families

It is further said Muslim adults in hundreds and thousands are being detained by Chinese authorities in giant camps.

In the BBC research, it is learned in one township of Xinjiang region more than 400 children have been separated from both parents.

It is not easy to gather testimony in Xinjiang as Chinese authorities have always been keeping an eye on foreign journalists. However, some information has been collected from Turkey. In Istanbul, many couples has come forward holding photographs of their children talking about their missing children.

One mother said, “I don’t know who is looking after them… there is no contact at all.”

Another said, “I heard that they’ve been taken to an orphanage.”

BBC took about sixty separate interviews and all of them had grief-ridden testimony.

All the parents belong to the Uighurs minority group that has ties of language and faith to Turkey.

Meanwhile, the Chinese authorities are pointing out that the Uighurs are being educated in the vocational training centres in the country.

However, evidence show many are detained at the cnetres for simply expressing their faith.

Paul Linus