Massive crowd hit Hong Kong streets protesting new extradition law

A massive crowd took the streets in Hong Kong Sunday protesting a new extradition law and holding signs like “No China Extradition” and “Let’s make Hong Kong great again.”

The new law gives power to China to extradite suspects who would face charges in mainland China.

According to the organizers at least 500,000 people had hit the streets wearing all white in support of the protest.

Reuters report the Hong Kong government could get approval of the bill later this month and thereafter the Chinese government gets authority to extradite anyone either for unintentional business offenses or political reasons.

Until 1997 Hong Kong was a British colony. It was handed over to China on one important consideration that Hong Kong would have a separate legal system. If the bill is approved, the condition will change.

A day before Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam was pressurized to withdraw the bill.

Democratic Party lawmaker James To addressed the crowds saying, “She has to withdraw the bill and resign.. The whole of Hong Kong is against her.”

Meanwhile, defending the plans a government official said they are listening to opinions of people and are open to suggestions.

Sunday was a hot day and temperatures reached to 90 degrees. Protesters included business executives, families, workers and even those who had never earlier been to any protests.

Paul Linus