John Bolton is ‘almost certain’ of Iran having attacked the ships off UAE

The US national security adviser John Bolton said he is almost sure of Iran having attacked the ships that sank a few weeks earlier off the coast of UAE. However, Bolton said he isn’t completely sure of Iran’s involvement and used the phrase ‘almost certainly’ to pinpoint Iran’s involvement in the incident.

Bolton also shot off another warning to Iran saying such action will warrant a very strong and definitive action by the US. Bolton was speaking to journalists in Abu Dhabi when he made the above accusations. Pentagon too had earlier accused Iran of having carried out the attacks, even zeroing in on the country’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps to be the prime accused.

Bolton further added the deployment of an aircraft carrier along with B52 bombers in the region dissuaded Iran from carrying out further attacks.

Iran however shrugged off such allegations calling it laughable at best. It also said they are ready for war if thing come to such but would prefer dialogue to sort things out.

“We know that there are certain elements and people who are trying to push the United States to war with Iran for their own ends,” said Abbas Araqchi, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister. “However, we hope that wisdom will prevail in Washington.”

Notably, Trump had earlier stated they aren’t for a regime change in Iran and is eager to see the peace process to gain speed in the region.

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