Pakistani Hindu vet charged under blasphemy law allegedly for using Islamic text pages as wrapper

A veterinary doctor in Pakistan belonging to the minority Hindu community has been charged under the country’s blasphemy laws after he was found selling medicines wrapped in paper alleged to contain Islamic religious verses.

Angry mobs set fire to his clinic situated in Mirpur Khas in Sindh province while the doctor himself has been arrested. Several other shops in the locality belonging to Hindus have also been looted. There are no deaths reported so far, or of anyone being injured in the entire incident.

As per reports on this, the customer, upon finding Islamic verses in the wrapping got in touch with a local cleric who in turn called police. The doctor however has pleaded innocence and has said it was entirely unintentional to use pages from a book used in Islamic schools.

Blasphemy laws are among the most controversial in Pakistan and are implemented very strictly, often leading to death penalties or life in prison. There have also been reports of gross misuse of the laws to target minorities or dissidents.

In one such incident, Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian was charged under blasphemy laws on allegations of insulting the Prophet Muhammad during an altercation with neighbours. Her conviction drew international outcry while she spent several years in prison. She later walked free after a Supreme Court ruling overturned her conviction and has since been living abroad.

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