Mars will soon be invaded: Trump

President Donald Trump said the Red Planet will soon be invaded while announcing new cooperation with Japan, but he is yet to give a timetable to it.

Trump is currently on a four-day visit to Japan to highlight US-Japan alliance.

Addressing to a joint press conference in Tokyo after hours of talks at the Akasaka Palace he added, “I am pleased to confirm that (Japan) Prime Minister (Shinzo) Abe and I have agreed to dramatically expand our nations’ cooperation in human space exploration.”

The president further continued that it is very exciting that moon and Mars will be invaded by humans and this is currently most important than space.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine earlier said, “The moon is the proving ground; Mars is the horizon goal.”

Earlier this year Vice President Mike Pence told NASA to accelerate moon-landing program and make it possible by 2024 instead of 2028.

Talking about North Korean short-range missile tests Trump said he is not bothered about it as he believes the country has not violated UN Security Council resolutions.

He was asked by press whether bothered by the North Korean missile test. He said, “No, I’m not. I am personally not.”

Paul Linus