Mass stabbing in Japan’s Kawasaki; 2 dead, 15 injured

One child and an adult man were killed Tuesday in a stabbing spree at a park in Kawasaki city, 31 miles south of Tokyo, of Japan. Fifteen schoolgirls were injured. A woman was severely injured.

The schoolgirls were students at a private Catholic school and aged between 6 and 12. The suspect attacked while they were boarding school bus.

Caritas Elementary School bus driver said a man approached and started slashing at people with knife.

The girl who was killed was just 12-year-old and the man 39.

The suspect stabbed himself too in the neck and died after being detained from the self-inflicted wound. He was in his 40s or 50s.

According to Kawasaki Fire Department 16 students and 3 adults were injured.

Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported one elementary school student and two others were severely injured in the attack.

Mass stabbings are not common in the country. In 2016 a similar incident killed nineteen people at a care home for disabled people. It was the deadliest since end of World War II.

The country maintains one of the strictest gun-control laws and shooting deaths are very rare, more uncommon than stabbings.

The incident coincided with the visit of United States President Donald Trump.

Paul Linus