Trump says he is not in a hurry to sign a trade deal with China

President Trump has said he is hopeful of having in place a trade deal with China sometime soon even though he said he is in no hurry to make the deal right away.

Trump made the above statement while speaking to the press in Tokyo. Analysts believe this could be the first signs of things getting normal and that there might not be any escalatory action taken in between.

Trump also claimed he has the full support of the farming community in the US even though ground reports on this points otherwise. The decision to raise tariffs will be directly felt by the farmers in the US given the huge import of farming stuff like soybeans that China usually makes from the US.

Trump also referred to the farmers as true patriots given their support from the trade war even though many have started to voice their concerns on the same. Some have also stated they aren’t going to vote for Trump anymore. Meanwhile, the Trump administration has said they are readying a program worth billions of dollars to compensate the farmers who have been hit by the trade war.

The president also exuded confidence his hardball tactics to compel the Chinese into signing a favorable trade deal will fructify eventually.

“I don’t believe that China can continue to pay these hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs,” Trump said. “I think that there’s a very good chance that the US and China will have a very good trade deal.”

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