Interesting Things Assange Revealed about Hillary – indictment worthy or bipartisan hero?

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Julian Assange: Bipartisan Hero or Indictment worthy document peddler?

It seems like there is no partisan when you look at all the documents wikileaks has published. Back when assange revealed stuff on Bush admin, the dems were happy, recently (2016) stuff came out on Hillary and the Repubs were happy.

Recently it came to light (a couple of weeks ago) that there is a document floating around and it is typed up with some info that points to an indictment of Julian Assange. The indictment is issued by the US Justice agency. Most Americans already felt Julian’s fear of being extradited to the USA for crimes, but the indictment document seems to make all real. The ACLU, a love and hate organization seems to be taking up for the wikileaks founder – see vid below by Grizzly.

Today, let’s just take a small look at a few things wikileaks revealed about Hillary and other big deals that would never have been brought to the forefront for the world to chew on.

Assange was labeled as being the one who caused Hillary to lose her second run for president of The United States. Joe Lauria says it is “complete nonsense”.

Okay, Podesta Emails Revealed…

  • The Clinton Foundation got millions from Qatar and Saudi Arabia – alleged major supporters of ISIL/IS/ISIS.
  • As SOS, she paid back her donors by approving 80 billion in weapons sales to SA – which are now being used for chaos in Yemen. 60k dead.
  • Hillary was paid nearly 700k for speaking at Goldman Sachs – many call this a bribe. She told those rich people that she supported open trade and open borders, and that Wall Street was well suited to control the economy. (This rather conflicts with her campaign messages!)
  • The Clinton campaign worked hard to ensure that Trump would be the repub nominee, of course, this seemed like an easy win for her. (oops!)
  • She got ahold of debate questions ahead of time.
  • Hillary’s own emails show she was behind the fiasco that started in Libya, she thought she was going to hit that problem with might and straighten that country right up. it would make her look tough and presidential, but it turned into a disaster.

So, a big question, assange revealed…

Did Assange do the world a favor, is he a bipartisan hero or a malicious document peddler?

assange revealed podesta email
assange revealed podesta email
assange revealed hillary email
assange revealed hillary email