Trump hints at using Huawei as a bargaining chip in its trade war with China

America’s move to ban Huawei from dealing with any US companies might not have been entirely out of security compulsions after all. For the US President has now dropped enough hint of using the Chinese firm as a leveraging point in its quest to formulate a comprehensive trade deal with China.

“It’s possible that Huawei even would be included in some kind of trade deal,” Trump said. “If we made a deal, I can imagine Huawei being included in some form of, some part of a trade deal.”

This does contradict an earlier statement from Trump wherein he labelled Huawei to be very dangerous from the security perspective. The US has also been actively pressurising its allies on adopting a similar hard-line stance on Huawei, something that it has also been successful at, to some extent at least.

There has been no comment on this so far from either Huawei or the Chinese government even though the company has been putting up a brave face so far post the US ban. Huawei has said they had already anticipated such a ban and had stated working on new platform as well.

However, challenges still remain as any new platform would also require building a new app store from scratch, which in itself is a task of herculean proportions. Samsung had earlier attempted something similar with its Tizen platform but failed.

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