Vote On Brexit Bill Delayed By British Government

The British Government decided to postpone the crucial Brexit Bill vote that was scheduled to happen on the first week of June as the rumblings over concessions made by Prime Minister Theresa May became stronger.

“We will update the house on the publication and introduction of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill on our return from the Whitsun recess” on June 4, government official Mark Spencer told MPs.

Spencer said the government had planned to hold the vote on a landmark piece of legislation to implement Brexit on June 7 but had not been able to fix this date.

Prime Minister May has been under immense pressure to announce the date of her stepping down from the post after her final Brexit gamble had failed.

Her last gambit, offering the prospect of a possible second referendum and closer trading arrangements with the EU, triggered a revolt by some Brexit-supporting ministers including the resignation of Andrea Leadsom on Wednesday. According to the BBC, more ministers could follow suit and resign.

May is expected to announce her date of departure on Friday, according to the Times Newspaper. Her successor will be elected in a two stage process, the newspaper added.

Sukanta Jana