International paedophile ring busted, 9 arrested, 50 children rescued

The Interpol busted an international paedophile ring that it has been investigating since 2017. The cops said they also saved 50 children in the process while 9 arrests have been made so far. The ring operated out of Thailand, Australia and the US.

Named Operation Blackwrist, the investigations led the police to closely follow some sites that operated in the dark web – the online region that is beyond the reach of the search engines. Administrators would regularly update the site with videos and photos depicting abuse of the children.

Police said the children’s faces were often masked to conceal their identity. This made it harder for the police to proceed with the investigations. While 11 boys shown on the site were found to be under 13, the youngest victim has been found to be just 15 month old baby.

The main admin of the site, Montri Salangam was arrested from Thailand last year and has been sentenced to 146 years in prison. Another administrator, Ruecha Tokputza was handed a slightly better sentence which amounted to 40 years behind bars after pleading guilty to 51 charges of offences committed against 11 underaged boys and even babies.

Tokputza was arrested in Australia and has earned notoriety for getting the harshest sentence ever in Australia for child sex offences and has also confessed to be being the main abuser. A pre-school teacher too have been arrested for being a partner in the crime and is sentenced to 36 years in prison. A few others have been arrested in the US but their identities are being kept under wraps.

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