Trump Attorneys Appeal Against Ruling That Orders Accounting Firm To Turn Over Records

Attorneys of President Donald Trump have appealed against a ruling given by a federal judge ordering an accounting firm to hand over The President’s personal, business and charity financial records and communication to the House Democrats. The judge has given the accounting firm Mazars time until next Monday to comply with the subpoena.

The President’s private legal team have filed the notice of appeal at the DC Circuit Court of Appeals immediately after losing their fight against the subpoena in the lower court. The case was a quick and brutal loss for Trump among several efforts he has made in recent weeks to fend off Congress’ pursuit of his financial history.

Federal Judge Amit Mehta, ruled on Monday that the Congress was well within its power to subpoena Trump’s records, especially as the Congress was investigating the US President for ethical lapses.

Congressional lawyers feel that the new challenge by Trump is a delay tactic. They feel that Trump’s team could delay the committee further more if the appeals court steps in before the deadline ends on Monday.

Sukanta Jana