Is Trump’s National Security Adviser Pushing US Into War With Iran?

John Bolton, National Security Adviser of President Trump has been often called as “the most dangerous man in the world”. John Bolton was a key architect of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. It looks like he is targeting Iran now and the tensions are at a high since US has pushed for a buildup of US military assets in the Gulf.

Experts feel that as tensions rise, the chances of accidental or deliberate escalation towards war also rises. The signs are very similar to what we had seen before the Iraq war in 2003 and when you combine a shrewd NSA Bolton with an unpredictable President – things can change very quickly.

John Bolton was not President Trump’s first pick for the post of National Security Adviser. A series of resignations led to President Trump plucking John Bolton out of a life of Fox News appearances and putting him in command. This reprise for John Bolton may have bolstered his career, as he is not the foremost military hawk in the US.

Sukanta Jana