BREAKING: Violent tornado strikes Missouri’s Jefferson City; 3 killed

BREAKING: Violent tornado strikes Missouri’s Jefferson City; 3 killed

A violent tornado struck Missouri’s Jefferson City Wednesday night killing three people, injuring several others and causing extensive damage.

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According to Jefferson City Police Lt. David Williams multiple people have been injured and some are trapped too.

Briefing to the news conference he said, “At this time, we are still trying to determine exactly how much damage we have… We are still working very hard to identify any injured people and any places that we need to put more additional personnel.”

National Weather Service issued emergency at 11:43 p.m. for the city and the tornado struck shortly after it.

Williams said the first warning sirens went off for Jefferson City was at 11:08 p.m. and later the alert was upgraded as violent tornado.

Science and operations officer of National Weather Service, Jim Sieveking, said they saw tornado debris on the radar.

Severe damage could be seen in and around the city and officials are assessing the situation, said Mayor Carrie Tergin.

She added, “The best word to describe the damage is devastating.”

A tweet by Missouri Department of Public Safety revealed extensive damage along Ellis Boulevard near Highway 54.

He said, “Materials are all over the roadway.”

Paul Linus