India Elections 2019: Early trends point to NDA winning a second term, Modi for PM again

The Bharatiya Janata Party has made a clean sweep of the elections yet again if the trends coming in at the moment are anything to go by. The counting for the elections held for over a month started at 8 AM today, with trends starting to come in within a few hours itself.

A final tally isn’t expected any time soon though as the counting process spread over several rounds might take several more hours to complete. The results being shown now is the lead each party has in a particular seat so that the final score might still vary a bit.

That said, what seems amply clear is that Narendra Modi is set to be the Prime Minister again given that hs party alone has comfortably made it past the majority mark. With NDA allies onboard, the figure is well past the 300 seat mark.

No party has commented on the development so far even as celebrations outside BJP headquarters and party offices have already started. It has also been a high-stakes battle for several candidates even though there also seems to be quite a few surprises in store as well given the manner several high profile candidates finding it tough to maintain a clear lead.

For instance, President of the Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi has seen his lead wane several times and it remains to be seen if he can hold on to his seat in Amethi. The party has been keen to put forth Rahul Gandhi as the prime opponent to PM Modi, and a potential Prime Minster candidate as well in case his party emerges victorious. Meanwhile, PM Modi has settled to a comfortable lead of tens and thousands over his opponents in Varanasi.

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